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Light Head Unit : LUU Light body is designed by specialists with high intensity aluminum full CNC that is electroplated with Teflon coating aluminum 6061. It is designed to effectively control heat, allowing brightest level to maintain, and to extend burning time. Cordless type head unit to the battery is LUU’s distinctive feature.

PCB Driver / LED : LUU LED Light PCB control driver is designed, produced, manufactured in house with our professional team of engineers and designers. Use of the latest LED with the finest circuit design allows for electricity centralization management, cooling system and internal product durability. Prevention is ground technology for LUU Light. Overheating prevention program that controls overheating is the core of automatic temperature control system which allows for more efficient internal electrical usage to provide more comfortable riding. ABC(Auto Bright Control) System, IEE(Intelligent Energy Efficiency) System, Remote / Remote-less control application are some of our newest technology.

Battery : LUU Lighting brand battery is safe and contains excellent internal capacity. Battery safety requirement and quality improvement (run-time increase) is more demanding. Outdoor light requires higher quality battery and LUU Light battery will provide satisfaction.

Charger : Lithium Ion battery is safe and quick to recharge. LUU Lighting charger is designed to maintain safe and efficient electrical usage.

Mount : Application of Twist Lock System allows for convenient and comfortable setting. Place the light to number 10 position and slightly press to clockwise direction. Handlebar mount is designed to be placed more in the front than the multi handlebar mount for in-second installation. Placement of light in the back of handlebar during extreme riding allows for protection of the light in time of overthrow. Mount may be placed in reversed direction for damage prevention.

Lead Wire : Lead wire is another distinctive feature of LUU Lighting. Most of other brand products have lead wires permanently connected to the light itself. Wire disconnection requires disassembly of the whole light in this case. In order to improve this point and to differentiate LUU Light from other brands, LUU Light eliminated inner circuit and connection. Lead wire is designed to independently connected to battery and light.

Only replacement of lead wire is required at time of disconnection. Snapping appearance (caused by vibration or impact) can be prevented with LUU lead wire. Through continuous research, improvements and testing process, LUU Light has developed a perfect lead wire cohesion system. All LUU Lighting products are manufactured in South Korea. LED and core parts are all articles of the best quality. LUU Light promises to provide good trustable lights to riders through accumulation of circuit development technology and continuous research.

Representation of LUU Light high technology

1.ABC (Auto Bright Control System) Real-time sensor corresponds to environmental surroundings of brightness to produce the most optimal light condition for the rider and maximizes battery usage time.

2.IEE (Intelligent Energy Efficiency) Suitable brightness is intelligently controlled to maximize riding time and to use energy most efficiently at times of increased / decreased acceleration during uphill and downhill mountain biking. IEE also allows for maximization of riders’ pedaling power by minimizing machinery weight.

3.MPT (Multi Port Tech) One single port allows composition of 3 function usage

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